Maidan Monitoring Information Center

NGO Maidan Monitoring Information Center is a non-government non-profit civic organization founded in Kharkiv, Ukraine on October 23 2012.

Statue goals of  Information Center Maidan Monitoring are:

  1. facilitating the implementation and defense of constitutional rights and freedoms;
  2. assisting in development of democratic civil society and the rule of law thru the education of people
  3. facilitating the development informational infrastructure of civic society in Ukraine;
  4. facilitating and improving the social dialog between the government authorities, civic activists, NGOs and business in the area of defense of constitutional rights and freedoms;
  5. facilitating access to information and knowledge about the constitutional rights and freedoms;
  6. facilitating access of citizens to participation in governance.

Members of our NGO live in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Odesa, Kremenchuk, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Simferopol, Severodonetsk, Ternopil, Lviv, Kirovograd, Vinnitsya, Uzhgorod; Washington, DC; Starkville, MI; Calgary, Canada; Warsaw, Poland; Maribor, Slovenia.

Our by-laws (statute) is here ММ-statute-eng


Founders of Maidan Monitoring Information Center


See Maidan’s Annual Summary of 2012

Since 2001 we operated under the name “Civic Methodology and Information Center Vsesvit”. After successful election monitoring project in 2012 we decided to change our NGO name to reflect our specialty and expand the statute goals. State registrar had refused to and we had to register a new NGO. Maidan Monitoring Information Center is a legal successor of “Civic Methodology and Information Center Vsesvit”