Maidan’s Annual Summary of 2012

Our organization NGO Maidan Monitoring Information Center* had been implementing the following projects during the year 2012.

  1. “Maidan” website support for both Ukrainian and English version. Support and promotion of Maidan’s accounts in social networking services facebooktwitteryoutubeGoogle+.
  2. “Maidan” discussion forums support, forum topics are “politic and activism in Ukraine and abroad”, “Ukrainian language”, “our history”, “culture”, “education and science”, “philosophy, religion and spirituality”, “Crimea”.
  3. Monitoring of the state of observance of information rights in Ukraine and abroad; support of “Right to know” portal; support and promotion of the facebook page of the portal.
  4. Monitoring of the state of dialog between the government and the society. Support of the “Government and Society” website.
  5. “Maidan Monitoring. Election 2012” – monitoring the observance of the election law during the parliamentary election in Ukraine 2012.
  6. “Maidan Monitoring. Defend our constitution rights together!” – monitoring and active affirmation of the fundamental civic rights in Ukraine focusing on freedom of assembly and freedom of expression.


Financial report of Maidan’s activities in 2012. Currency is Euro.


The calculation of volunteer work accounts only the people who work with Maidan’s projects on permanent basis not less than 1 hour a day, €8 per hour.

The calculation of volunteers’ equipment used accounts its usage only during the time the volunteers participate in the projects.

The calculation of communication fees includes dedicated server connectivity fees, domain names renewals, security certificate renewal; mobile, landline phone and internet costs for volunteers working in the projects on permanent basis during their participation.

Travels were paid by the inviting parties for project presentations in Brussels, Vinnytsya region and Ternopil.

Printed materials (flyers and DVDs) were produced to advertise Maidan’s projects offline.


Sources of funding



* The official name of our NGO before November 23 2012 was Civic Information and Methodology Center “Vsesvit”.