Monitoring Elections and Parliament

In 2004 site “Maidan” was the major information hub of Orange revolution, however in addition to that we accumulation the copies of tabulation results from 80% of voting stations abroad and designed and implemented the system of monitoring of election precincts “Night patrol”, which was later adopted by the Ministry of Interior for the “mobile groups” responding to reports of violations.

During the parliamentary election in 2006 we implemented big project which was finalized by the popular science book: “Rationalization of the Choice 2006: An Interactive comparison of voter expectations and the promises of political factions” (book in Ukrainian) . We carried out an interregional study in 10 regions of Ukraine that revealed substantial difference between the priorities of voters and politicians. We were able to make accurate correct predictions about the infamous future of 5th convocation of Ukrainian parliament.

During the president’s election in 2010 we carried out the study: “Electoral tender 2010: rationalization of the choice, transparency of participants, and responsibility of a winner”. The results confirmed that none of these factors were really present at the election.

Parliamentary Election 2012 monitoring project was a spinoff of our long term project “Monitoring of observance of constitutional rights and freedoms in Ukraine”, started in 2011.

After the election we continue monitoring of political rights in Ukraine and plan to expand the number of rights monitored. The software, methodology and technologies we created within monitoring projects will be used at the next elections of all levels.

Monitoring the Election Law during the Parliamentary Election in Ukraine – one page summary


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Monitoring Parliament

In 2011 we were the first NGO to start a civic campaign against absentee voting of Ukrainian Members of Parliament. Research revealed a total collapse of the legal system in Ukraine.

Release date: May 10 2011

Release date: July 8 2011  Full cast and crew

Milestone Publications

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